Vadacurry, wish I had known how to whistle

Too late for a movie review I know. This might not even appear on Google, like I care. A hectic Saturday it was and the R of RAMAN gang confirmed the plan. Coming to what RAMAN is- it is a group of 5 girls who have had tough times going out with boys. They either get an outright “No, I do not have time for love” or “My daddy will commit suicide.” Its inception was in 2004 and has been going strong ever since (Silently touching wood).

That day it was just the 3 of us. One was coming from T Nagar straight to the movie, and the two of us had decided to take the share auto. We walked down the infamous Gandhi Road (the street where we run into a lot of our common past, present and future crushes) and reached the bus stop. None of the share autos had space for two. We continued waiting. “Mukesh will save us,” she said. The anti-smoking ads are really for a cause I thought. By then the clouds had gone heavy, and it started raining. So much that no one would’ve known even if we had peed in our pants. Finally, we got into a share auto and reached Kamala theatre. Rs.90 tickets are always  an attraction. We entered the theatre, drenched and walked into the cinema.

“Machi enga da iruka” RJ Balaji said. I wanted to whistle right then. The guy is the manifestation of a typical witty Madras boy- a combination that is hard to find except on Twitter. We settled down as the movie continued. Jai bought a Korean phone, and Sunny Leonne appeared on screen. The video was so disappointing that I wanted to go out and get popcorn for the aunties and uncles beside me. It dragged at a few places where Jai’s Korean phone was being trolled. One or two instances were fine. But it just would never end. And then came the iPhone. Now we understood why the apple shaped bitten slate.

Ah! The bitten apple

That was when a phone started ringing. None of us knew where it was coming from. We thought it was a background score, it wasn’t. I asked the aunty and uncle if their phone was ringing, and they checked too. And then we came to know it was my friend’s. There was no light and it wasn’t an alarm. The phone was locked. But it screamed “TTRINNNNNGGG.” For a second, I thought RJ Balaji was gonna slap her from the screen. We switched it off pressing the button as hard as we could. It was no Korean set but was equally annoying.

We forgot about it and moved on. More popcorn came by. And then RJ Balaji was kidnapped. Everything he spoke was a delight. As Jai went on solving the mystery, we prayed that this guy should be held captive a little longer. The movie came to an end with his exchanging numbers with the kidnappers.

We yapped a little longer, outside the cinema, ate at Krishna Sweets, made plans for Velaila Patta Dhaari and parted. Wish I learn to whistle at least before VIP releases.

P.S: The relationship between my whistling capability and Vadacurry  is the same as the movie’s name and its story.


Flop Trip #1 Nandi Hills

“We should have started early”, he said after we had come half way from Murugeshpalaya. We were excited to use Google maps for the first time on a trip (we always believed in asking humans for routes). Of course the annoying GPS lady was constantly telling us what to do and eventually she was wrong. She was leading us to Hyderabad. We went back to humans for help and reached a place.

We had ridden 78 kms on a bike and took a left, with a lot of expectations. Our eyes craved for greenery around, for images all over the internet showed so. It should’ve been shot up-hill we told ourselves and rode ahead. Foot-hill arrived, without any sign of “ahaa” sceneries. 40 hair-pin bends it said. Our minds drifted off to small streams oozing out of the rocks and us drinking water from there. Truth hit us like a truck. We started riding up-hill and it was like riding up to a parking lot in a mall.

“Alcohol prohibited” a board read on our way up. We didn’t know why till we reached the top. We parked the bike and went to see Tippu’s drop- the spot from which Tippu Sultan pushes the prisoners off the hill. I wish I had pushed Tippu off of there for choosing such a spot. And then there was a suicide spot (status quo). Well, it really is. When there are monkeys all around you waiting to grab anything that you have, you would want to jump off the hill. But then, you can’t do that too, for it is a cage!

There is a temple close to the cage but the ground gets very hot to walk without footwear. Silver lining: Dosa camp- Dosas at reasonable rates. You starve all through your ride till here, this is one good place to have something decent. Coming back to alcohol.. Oh yeah! No BYOB. KSTDC sells beer here. If you have absolutely nothing to do one weekend and would like to go on a long tiring ride/drive, this place is the ultimate choice. 

We grimly struck out *Nandi Hills* from our “Places to visit from Bangalore” list. After all, shit happens..