Flop Trip #1 Nandi Hills

“We should have started early”, he said after we had come half way from Murugeshpalaya. We were excited to use Google maps for the first time on a trip (we always believed in asking humans for routes). Of course the annoying GPS lady was constantly telling us what to do and eventually she was wrong. She was leading us to Hyderabad. We went back to humans for help and reached a place.

We had ridden 78 kms on a bike and took a left, with a lot of expectations. Our eyes craved for greenery around, for images all over the internet showed so. It should’ve been shot up-hill we told ourselves and rode ahead. Foot-hill arrived, without any sign of “ahaa” sceneries. 40 hair-pin bends it said. Our minds drifted off to small streams oozing out of the rocks and us drinking water from there. Truth hit us like a truck. We started riding up-hill and it was like riding up to a parking lot in a mall.

“Alcohol prohibited” a board read on our way up. We didn’t know why till we reached the top. We parked the bike and went to see Tippu’s drop- the spot from which Tippu Sultan pushes the prisoners off the hill. I wish I had pushed Tippu off of there for choosing such a spot. And then there was a suicide spot (status quo). Well, it really is. When there are monkeys all around you waiting to grab anything that you have, you would want to jump off the hill. But then, you can’t do that too, for it is a cage!

There is a temple close to the cage but the ground gets very hot to walk without footwear. Silver lining: Dosa camp- Dosas at reasonable rates. You starve all through your ride till here, this is one good place to have something decent. Coming back to alcohol.. Oh yeah! No BYOB. KSTDC sells beer here. If you have absolutely nothing to do one weekend and would like to go on a long tiring ride/drive, this place is the ultimate choice. 

We grimly struck out *Nandi Hills* from our “Places to visit from Bangalore” list. After all, shit happens..


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