She’s not wearing the right Bra!

Just like every marketer does, I am burning all the oils to post this right before *Women’s day* . It fits! Read along…

Every woman’s plight of choosing the Right one begins with lingerie shopping. I call it “Hunting” though. Of course, a million adjustments follow through even after making the right choice.

It started with his saying, “Your cherries are standing ‘Ting!'”. That could have earned any guy a tight slap but it didn’t. After all, it wasn’t the right bra. Irrespective of however *blessed* women are, we deal with the same issue with regards to our mammaries. Whether it is unintentional cleavage visibility, spillage, lines, or straps peeping out of the clothes there’s just one comment we women make “she’s not wearing the right bra!”. True, there are women empowerment groups that go on about being confident of what a woman wears, it is independence etc. But why wear a wrong one? And yes, there is a connection to her confidence, she has to get the right one.

Irrespective of the eye for fashion and financial stability today’s women have, they still go wrong. With the recent increase in awareness of breast cancer, number of mammograms done have gone up, but how many women have paid attention to uncomfortableness (if that word exists in English language)? How many times have we come across the ‘ting’ and not done anything about it? How many times have we realised it affects the posture? Why is it so difficult to understand there are brands out there at would fit (the pockets too)?  The online stores do a good job, provided one knows what she is looking for.

As a person with higher chances of this same disease, this is a request to every woman out there. You see something’s wrong and you know you can correct it, wherever you are- a mall, at the loo, parks, just go ahead and say it. She sure won’t get you wrong.

It is probably misleading for Fortune India to say Bigdata scientist is the sexiest job of the century. Try lingerie consulting.

Happy Women’s day.