Handbags & My Mom(s)

All she ever wanted to do was to go to work with a handbag. There was an association with confidence, respect in the society, etc. She asked her husband, “Ellarum handbag matindu velaiki pora. I’ll also go?” And he answered “Neeyum handbag matindu Kesavardini bus stop vara poitu va”.

It sounded funny then.


She started doing things that made her happy. Tailoring, selling sarees, making paper bags from home. She was a budding entrepreneur. But timing and her daughter didn’t let her proceed. The daughter needed her mom’s attention. Between a whiny daughter and a sick mother in law, paper bag dreams went out of the window. One would not blame the MIL. She never bothered to visit earlier. But the daughter, one might think, what a bitch would do that to her mother.

I was one.

May be if she had channelled her energy earlier, my mom would have made a great designer, a photographer, an entrepreneur? Truth hit me when I was in college and a friend of mine introduced her mom as the Vice President of a huge MNC. I was awestruck. I wanted to become that lady when I grew up. And realised, my mom would have been one too.

But her obsession for handbags never ended. She still picks up a few when she visits Pondy Bazaar!

Fortunately, I know another woman who shares the same dreams (and love for handbags). She never ended up an entrepreneur either. A bold lady from a small town.

“Happy Friendship Day” she said. I was busy texting a few others the same thing. Turned to look at her, with a mixed feeling. It would have been the first time in Indian history that a Mother-In-law wishes a daughter-in-law for Friendships day. I smiled and hugged her. May be that’s all she wanted to be. Good friends.

Lucky to have two great women guiding me through ups and downs. While one mourns with me the other says, “Oh I went through the same thing too!” that puts a smile on the face.

Both of them have survived the typical mother in laws, husband’s mood swings and kid’s tortures.

I tried associating these thoughts with PMS guilt rides. But this is beyond hormones. Happy 2018 to me and everyone who is reading this.


Jigardhanda- Best served cold

“Machi it is good it seems d” was how it started. Friendship day meeting had Jigardhanda as one of the topic of discussion. It made me recollect all the retweets by Siddharth on my wall. To justify the hype, RAMAN gang made the plan. As usual, 2/5 were busy and I, after an exhausting previous day needed a break. There were more retweets. Impossible to resist the pressure, I made a call to Inox, Virugambakkam.

I rushed from work and two VIPs (abbreviation of the recent Dhanush movie) reached much before. We had top row seats and felt blessed. Siddharth’s half shaven head appeared. None of us had any expectations from the movie. Camera turned to his face. We showed no reaction. Popcorn and Pepsi came by and so did the villain.

That was the first time after long, the hand to mouth coordination missed. Popcorn lost its taste. All of us fell for the well bearded Simha. (Ha, How ideally named!) And the hooting began. Demonstrations of his ruthlessness proceeded to the interval and the 3 of us looked at each other with an “Aiyo, NO” look on our faces. We didn’t need more popcorn. We wanted the movie to resume, and it did.

Except for flicking ideas from Lakshmi Menon to punish our boyfriends, we had no other discussions. We didn’t realise the length of the movie till our phones started ringing one after the other. All our parents informed us of the heavy rain outside, we didn’t care. They called again to ask if we were even coming home, we wanted to throw our phones away. And the movie came to an end. It was surprising to see there were no bloopers playing along with credits. May be our moms jinxed it, I thought.

“Write about it d, with your English knowledge” she said from behind, while I was riding the bike in the rain. Good movie, rain and mom’s yelling is a terrific combo. Pissed off moms are more dangerous than ruthless Simhas. They don’t have knives and cycle chains but words and sharp voices. Yet, RAMAN plans still continue..

When is *Kadhai, Thiraikadhai, Vasanam, Eyakkam* releasing?